First Post – Yippie! or Yikes?

So here we go, it’s the start of a fresh new Fall.

I’ve just returned from my much needed vacation, visiting family and friends in the northern region of Portugal. In that time I immersed myself in the European culture, one that’s definitely not as regulated as North American culture is. Take out coffee? Sacrilege. Salty oceans, local wine and picking organic fruit galore in the countryside of the Douro River? Oh god yes. I had a ton of time thinking and lots of idea generating. What a breath of fresh air! I’m back and decided to pursue my passions with ity-bity steps, but what ideas are those? Ideas are a dim a dozen. Seriously it’s nothing if you leave it written in a tiny notebook somewhere in your home office or at the bottom of your purse. And I do that and I’ve done that for so so many years.

So what is this blog all about? Well if you’re still reading I’d like to first wish you a warm welcome to this page. Could I tell you a little about myself?

I’m Liliana

I’m (currently) a graphic designer having studied in Toronto and have been in the corporate scene for over 6 years. I’ve taken additional continuing education courses in UX design at Brainstation and a course at U of T in how to blog and use social media to start a business. I’ve worked for multi million dollar companies in retail, consumer goods and publishing. I live with my partner of 7 years the insanely talented drummer Aaron Spink and our adorable princess kitty Nya.

I’m on the journey to living a purposeful and creative life.

I’ve had such a journey in growing and having discussions with people of all backgrounds in what a career path looks like. When you know you’re living a true passion and being authentic and what to do when you’re in a stuck moment.

It was when I took a course that gave me the push I needed to explore what my blog would be about. I had to think really hard about my idea, because I went in so many directions, scratching out possible themes and topics only to discover at the end I think I was over thinking what I truly love and what feels the most me.

I love design but I want to use design to create a higher purpose.

As a designer I’ve struggled with finding my true purpose and have really struggled with fitting into a corporate mold whilst trying to hold on to who I truly am. I’ve struggled with anxiety and imposter syndrome. So I wanted to channel that energy into uplifting others that felt the same way. How can I do good with creativity? Could it be more than just looking pretty? Can I help someone? Can I develop t-shirts that are conversation starters with someone you may walk by and suddenly you two stop and have a meaningful conversation that brightens your day? Maybe you too become life-long friends?

I want to share positivity and affirmations that encourage every woman that you can pursue your dream, to embrace who you are, to not wait for permission, and shedding light on what we all do – overthinking!

That’s it! The first post! If I’ve made any mistakes it just means I’m growing.


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